So I’ve started my 2nd course, and already I’m feeling pleased with the progress I made stripping this filthy monstrosity. I’d already been suspicious about the yellow stair on the fabric, and whilst I was removing it, I confirmed those suspicions, as the odour was fresher on the bottom of the fabric.

Basically I wore goggles and a face mask… what else lives in this chair, I can only imagine.

Saturday, I’ll pick out the fabric. I’m using kvadrat, as it’s the most appropriate and authentic choice for this chair. The chair, I don’t think it’s genuine artifort ABCD, but the chair that it resembles was released in 1966, and I can tell you that the foam that I cut from this thing had to be as old. In some areas, it had turned to dust.

In any case, this project will be a huge challenge for me as I have to rebuild the complex shape of the chair using foam, make a pattern for the fabric (using cheap stuff first), and then fit it with precision onto the stool. I really don’t know how I’m going to manage… I DO know the fabric alone will cost me over 300 euros, so at least I have incentive to get it right.

Right now the hardest part is picking a colour. I don’t really like this chair, so I think I’ll try to sell it and recoup some of the investment. If I do that I have to think from a buyer’s point of view – what would be the most popular choice? If I keep it, I’d likely not want something too crazy, so I need to find that comfortable middle-ground.

Oh well, if this is the hardest thing I’m dealing with right now, I can live with it :)




Amsterdam Weekend


I have been fortunate enough to stay in this apartment quite often this year, as my friends are regularly traveling and in need of a stand-in cat cuddler.

They’re moving house, and this was the last weekend for me to take in the amazing views, and enjoy the local neighbourhood.